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Do you have any comments, complaints or feedbacks regarding the electrical services, oil and gas local business development (LBD) or any other general queries related to the energy sector? Please tweet or tag us on Instagram using #eidpmo_complaints or use the online form. ***Please note that we take your privacy very seriously and any complaints will be treated anonymously. Therefore we seek your cooperation in providing us with your details that will enable us to contact you.


 Recent Complaints

Name:Wee Yin
Complaint:Just want to ask. What time should iready come to work ? They need to follow the time of our company woking hours OR he has his own working time from iready ? 
Date:25/04/2018 08:58 AM
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Complaint:mau kpastian.. kami perkerja dibayar sekurng2 nya brapa 1k ttpi in our company membar us 1030 prmnth for 2w offshore and 2w onshore.. tpi sudh d ptung tap&scp basic slary kami become 941 prmnth pls kn mnta rujukan pada pihak berkenaan
Date:21/04/2018 04:25 PM
Date Of Issue Closed:-

I got a few questions and in need of clarification.

- is it compulsory for company to give Shift allowance,if working 12hours shift in Brunei? or it depends on company's policies.
- IF current contract states that working hours is from 8am to 5pm,then I was asked to work in a 12 hour shift. do I need to have a new contract?
- Is there any limit time in working shift for one week?
- If working in 12 hour shift. my company stated that 1 day leave is equivalent to 1.5 days deducted from annual leave. is it applicable to the Labour Law
Date:17/04/2018 09:52 AM
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Complaint:just want to know if euro 5 grade fuel will be sold soon?

just a suggestion perhaps motorists can be given this option to buy such fuel at slightly higher or unsubsidised prices.
Date:13/04/2018 10:48 PM
Date Of Issue Closed:-
Complaint:Assalamualaikum n selamat malam

Mahu kepastian...syarat2 untuk membayar gaji pekerja selewatnya berapa haribulan ah...Tap lagi belum kana bayar 8bulan tapi setiap bulan bepotong...saya harap pihak berkenaan dapat membantu kami.
Date:09/04/2018 08:12 PM
Date Of Issue Closed:-

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